What masters to study after criminology?

We do not know if it is for the popular series like CSI or Criminal Minds, but the truth is that, whatever the reason, the university degree in Criminology is causing great sensation among the students. These are studies that are attracting a large number of audiences.

Beyond the students who choose it as their initial university education, there is also a great demand among those who decide to pursue it as a second career. In this case, it is very common to meet professionals who want to give a change of direction to their previous training.

As we already tell you in another article what is it that you have to study if you are interested in this discipline, this time we would like to show you the master options that Emagister puts at your disposal once you have finished the race. As you probably have already seen throughout your university education, the degree gives you a multidisciplinary profile.

You have studied the phenomenon of crime in all its dimensions. But now, in all possible work opportunities, what would you like to specialize in? In what area of ​​criminology would you like to work? If you already have it clear, go taking note! Next we are going to show you the masters that best complement the race.

What does a criminologist do?

If you have already finished the race, it is likely that nobody better than you knows what a criminologist does. However, and if you still have doubts about it, we’ll clarify it! The professional field of the criminologist is very broad and diverse.

For this reason, you have various professional opportunities at your disposal. In addition to the police field, which is surely the first idea that will come to mind, there are many more job options. In effect, the criminologist goes beyond the activities that we see in CSI!

Therefore, leaving the scope of public safety aside, you can find a large job offer in private security. In fact, you can be part of the management of a company or even advise security personnel with the knowledge you have acquired in the university. You can also practice as a private investigator or as a detective. You can also work in the penitentiary and judicial area.

Which master do you want to study?

With all the work opportunities you have at your disposal, our recommendation is that once you have decided what you want to dedicate yourself to, pursue that goal. In this sense, studying a master’s degree can make it easier for you to find a job, as well as job placement in your area of ​​interest. These are our proposals:

Master of Criminology. This master offers you the possibility of completing your studies in criminology. You will specialize fully in this science and acquire the necessary skills to dedicate yourself in a professional manner. You can work on the analysis of crime and the prevention of violent acts.

Master’s Degree in Criminal Judicial Expert. You will learn how to carry out an expertise in criminology. For this, you will acquire the necessary notions that allow you to practice as a judicial expert both in the private and public sphere of research and security.

Master of Police Investigation. The criminal or police investigation includes the set of knowledge and criminological, criminological and police techniques that should be used to investigate and fight crime.

In addition, depending on the master’s degree you choose, you can also prepare to access the Executive Scale of the National Police Force and intermediate and higher commanders of other bodies. The contents offered may be compatible with the agendas.

Master of Forensic Psychology. This professional acts as an assistant in the process of administration of justice in the court area. It is a division of applied psychology related to the collection, analysis and presentation of psychological evidence for judicial purposes.If you are attracted to this branch, this is your master’s degree!

Master in Criminal Law. You will acquire the necessary professional competences to deepen the normative scope that governs the Spanish system. In addition, you will deepen your knowledge of crimes against people, property crimes and money laundering, among other things.

Although these are our recommendations, the training offer is very broad. However, if you are not sure, you can contact our team of expert advisors and they will help you solve your doubts.

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